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IT Director Round Table


  • Leadership buy-in!
  • PowerShell script can get you a list of all files being touched by Teams (and paths to where in the tenant they’re actually stored)
  • O365 is such a moving target…change happens so quickly; plan on not being able to keep up. 🙂
  • Delegate support; appoint a head “tech” person in each Team who supports others in Teams, let them bring bigger issues to you (instead of everyone bringing every issue to you)

What makes a good IT director?

  • “Yes” unless you have to say “no”
  • Flexibility
  • Project manager, able to bring in resources to fill in for their/team’s deficiencies
  • Networking (with people)
  • Leading Up (and down)
  • Have a seat at the leadership table to empower and equip

Video storage/backing up

  • Veeam may be able to help with this
  • Deep Glacier, Google Drive (w/unlimited storage) are options
  • SharePoint could be an option for video production and archiving

Employee training

  • Lynda for staff (or Linked-in Learning?)
    • Once a month Lunch and learn…use pre-existing content so you don’t have to create it yourself!
    • Give people a one-month subscription to some paid learning service, like a library subscription…they have a month to complete the training