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Open Topic Round Table

ChMS/database management

  • What does it take to get a person?
    • Nothing working right!
    • Need to have a dedicated person if you need it to work well
    • Internal hire
    • Should this be a “database” or “people” person?
      • Relational currency…ability to relate to ministry leaders and help solve problems (and understand product well enough to apply)

Security Challenges/Deploying MFA

  • IronScales - product to yank emails from inboxes
  • Unrelated…some devices won’t see Wi-fi 6 w/o firmware upgrade

Teams Adoption

  • Get buy-in from your organization’s “West Wing”
    • “Donuts in the kitchen” announcements
  • Three reasons for adoption:
    • Healthy habits: don’t send SMS to people after hours, use teams instead (can silence those separately)
    • Get out of email thread messes
    • “Personal” team

Entry-level training

  • Created own training document, took people through class
    • Re-use that for new folks
  • Common FAQs (for new hires)
  • Outsource training