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Scrum/Agile Basics in your Day-to-day Life

  • Scrum/agile is not about getting more done…about getting the right things done

Scrum Pillars

  1. Transparency
    1. Keep track of your daily/weekly tasks (example: Trello)
      1. Buckets: New, To Do, In Progress, Blocked, Done
        1. 👆Kanban
      2. Use “interruption” to track interruptions
        1. Helps to track “offenders”, but also helps you identify problem areas (maybe you shouldn’t get interrupted about X as much)
      3. You should not actively be working on too many things at once (“In Progress” bucket)
    2. Daily Standup:
      1. What did I do yesterday, what am I planning to do today, anything blocking me from getting this done?
  2. Inspection
    1. Does this task align with the church’s or my personal vision?
      1. Are we running down a path we don’t need to implement?
      2. Need to have organization vision and personal vision
    2. Weekly retrospective
      1. What worked? What didn’t, what should I try, and what should I start doing?
  3. Adaptation
    1. A “retrospective backlog”
    2. Move from reactive to proactive
      1. Need to be able to see trends to get ahead of things
      2. OK to start small; allocate even 5-10% of your time to get ahead of things
    3. 80/20 mentality: 80% of what you spend time working on is 20% of your job
      1. Don’t be afraid to set aside intentional time for personal growth/long-term strategic sorts of projects (proactive)

Misc Notes

  • When leadership brings a task that will interrupt planned…let them make the decision for what gets cut!
  • Burnout…can be hard to get through to those who don’t understand what we do to get them to understand the time involved