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Getting Started with M365 for NPO

🏁 Getting Started

  • Sign up for Microsoft Non-profit Resources
  • Azure Credits (currently $3,500/yr.)
    • Requires registering as non-profit (same link as above)
    • Credits are for Azure resources (VMs, storage, etc, and lots of dev stuff), not Office 365, Azure AD, Intune, etc.
    • You can’t use the Azure credits for everything in Azure (no VM reserved instances, for example), but they’re a great way to get your feet wet if you’re looking at services in Azure beyond productivity and identity
  • Training: If you’re new to modern management or are looking to expand your knowledge of these platforms, check out the training videos on Microsoft Learn

Summary of NPO Licensing Offerings for Azure AD, Intune, and Office 365 (as of October 2019)

  • Free (donated) licenses
    • Office 365 Nonprofit Business Essentials (only recommend this for very small orgs – up to 10 for free, additional are paid)
    • Office 365 Nonprofit E1 (no limit)
  • Everything else is reduced cost (most licenses are around 25% of the full commercial price)
  • In the past, 50 EM+S licenses were also offered to NPOs free of charge; as of September 1, 2019, these have been replaced with the donation of 10 Business Essentials seats for smaller orgs
    • If you had the EM+S licenses already, you can keep them

The bottom line: Basic services (email, online storage, online Office apps) are available at no cost to NPO. Beyond the this you will need to pay, but you won’t have to pay retail price.

Further Reading - Licensing and FAQ